Nutrition and Exercise for Teens: Thursday 03.01.18

//Nutrition and Exercise for Teens: Thursday 03.01.18

Nutrition and Exercise for Teens: Thursday 03.01.18

Another great transformation by one of our youngest clients Haley Baldwin.  A client with us since June 2017.

She has been working hard with her nutrition and training at CF2920.
In our post today we highlight her success.

Words from Haley:
I started with CrossFit 2920, because I wanted to get in shape and get stronger.

When I first walked in to CrossFit 2920 in Tomball,  I immediately felt welcomed.  From the very first workout I was receiving support from everyone there. That made me feel very comfortable with the process.

My first experience with success, was when I was able to start seeing the changes in my body, from the workouts and nutrition plan I was on.

Moving forward I want to continue training smart, staying in shape and continue my healthy eating habits.

One of my favorite moments at CrossFit 2920 was when my coach encouraged me to do a banded pull up. I wasn’t sure if I was capable, but after good instruction I was able to complete them in class!!