Improve Your Recovery with Photobiomodulation: Tuesday 02.13.18

//Improve Your Recovery with Photobiomodulation: Tuesday 02.13.18

Improve Your Recovery with Photobiomodulation: Tuesday 02.13.18

Some of you may not have realized but coach Bill is the owner of Cryorecovery located in Vintage Park.
He has and his company have become a leading source and recovery center for several people ranging from every day fitness enthusiest such as us to professional athletes.

Currently Cryorecovery has become the only therapy center in the Houston area to offer Photobiomodulation.

What if we told you this could:

(1) increase single rep max (2) increase total reps before failure and (3) increase total reps within a set time frame. In addition, it has been shown to speed recovery and enhance speed.

Suggest that increase in collagen and tightening of skin.
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Workout of the Day 02.13.18
Warm up:
10 X-Band Walks Right/Left
10 Banded Goodmornings
3 Rounds
200m Row
10 Push Ups
10 Squats

Floor Press: 1RM. Rest 60s.
– Build to a max in 8-10 sets.
– Beginner: 5 x 5, adding weight if form permits. Rest 90s.

Benchmark strength piece. Take 8-10 sets to build to a 1RM. Make sure you have a spotter in place. Floor Press is a great variation to build your lockout that transfers to many other movements we perform in CrossFit. It’s likely your Floor Press will be less than your bench press as you can’t use your feet.

3 Rounds of
In 5:00 Window:
Row 500 Meters
Remaining time Max Rounds of:
10 DB Renegade Rows (45s,30s)
10 Walking lunge Steps (45s,30s)
Rest 2:00
*Score = Highest Score

Today’s metcon is more or less interval work with low-demand movements. These workouts are a good opportunity to not worry about your score and sustain your pacing. Find a pace that allows you to stay consistent for all 3 rounds.