How is He Staying Lean and Fit at 58

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How is He Staying Lean and Fit at 58

Rick Hettrick: Since April 2018 Gained 3# of muscle and lost 3% body fat!!

Congrats to Rick Hettrick who has earned his certificate for achieving his YELLOW II level in his overall fitness.

“I have been under the tutelage of Coach Jose Espinoza and the CrossFit 2920 Coaching Team for over 6 years. The current Level Method Training we are doing is an outstanding and cutting edge technology that helps me understand my fitness level!

I have had achievable and measurable results which keeps me motivated. This progam has shown me where I excel and where I need to work to get better at every Level. I couple that with personalized training programs designed to target results.
     The other, and maybe most important part to me, is the nutrition guidance I recieve from Coach Jose and The Nutrituion Team at CrossFit 2920. It’s not complicated and very sustainable.
     Thru their expertise I have lost Body Weight, gained Muscle Mass and lowered my Body Fat Percentage which was my goal. If anyone is looking for similar results I highly recommend this program!”     In Health & Fitness…Rick Hettrick