Melissa Tracy Testimonial v2

“I’m 48 and have never considered myself athletic but CF2920 completely altered my perception (and misconceptions) about what a CrossFit athlete is. I’ve seen many inspiring transformations take place at this gym. It always feels like a family here!” – Melissa Tracy

Harland Maisel Testimonial v2

“This is a great place for the beginner to the advanced athlete. The athletes and coaches make you feel welcomed from the start and show genuine interest in your improving. You work at your own pace with enough push and drive from the fellow members and coaches to help you succeed.” – Harland Maisel

Jennie Woerner Testimonial v2

“I’ve been at CrossFit 2920 for 2 years and still loving it! As a “seasoned “ older athlete the workouts are varied and can be scaled to fit each individual. I’ll always be a work in progress but I feel I’m the strongest I’ve ever been and the community Jose & Peter have created is so supportive. The coaches are all very knowledgeable and attention to correct form is always taught and stressed at each workout.” –Jennie Woerner

Rick Simmons Testimonial v2

“Trying CrossFit 2920 has literally changed my outlook. In a little over, a year I have made dramatic improvements. I can now climb a rope, do unassisted pull-ups, and other skills I didn’t think I could do.” – Rick Simmons




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